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The £64 Divorce - What do you get?

Author : Debra-Stevens

Its been bothering me for a few weeks since I read an article about someone who had done their divorce through an online company and paid only £64.00.  The questions this posed to me was -  What  exactly did they get for their money? The article read as though the company had done the divorce for them for only £64.00 .  If this is right then everyone should employ them.  Curiosity got the better of me and I investigated further.

What I found out was that for £64.00 the company had provided the lady concerned with a set of divorce forms and notes as to how to complete the forms.  That was it.   If you want them to check the forms the cost is £167.00 and if you want them to help you fill in the forms the cost is £350.00.    I'm afraid to inform this poor lady that she wasted her £64.00 as she could have got a set of divorce forms and notes from the Court website  for  free.

If you attend a how2divorce seminar  you get the forms, of course but we assit you in completing them, check them and  you also get proper advice on all other aspects of your divorce and separation from a solicitor.  A bargain at only £99.00

As its only 2 weeks to the York and Hull seminars if you go on twitter you can get a voucher code for 20% off or look in the LOCAL LINK  where there is also a 20% off voucher making the cost of the seminar only £79.20.



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