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How do I convert my Civil Partnership to a Same Sex Marriage?

Author : Debra-Stevens

On 29th March 2014 the first same-sex marriages can take place.  Couples will need to have made an application from 13th March 2014 to get married on 29th March 2014.

There are 55,000 same sex couples that have entered into civil partnerships since they were made legal on 5 December 2005.  Under the new laws introducing same-sex marriages, civil partnerships will not automatically be converted.  Couples will need to make an application to convert the civil partnership into a marriage.  Unfortunately the Government need to update systems before this can be done and civil partners wanting to become married will have to wait until the end of the year.  No actual date has been set by the government.

Furthermore no regulations have been published setting out the procedure for converting a civil partnership to a marriage. Calls are being made for these to be published as soon as possible as it is argued those currently in civil partnerships wanting to get married are being treated unfairly.

It would appear that the Government are planning to ensure that all the benefits and rights given to married couples are backdated for those currently in civil partnerships.  

Those in same-sex relationships will have the choice as to whether to enter a civil partnership or a same-sex marriage in the future.

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