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Gwynth Paltrow & Chris Martin - Conscious Uncoupling?

Author : Debra-Stevens

I read about the "conscious uncoupling and co-parenting" of Gwynth Paltrow and Chris Martin at the weekend.  Its always sad when any couple separate, particularly when children are involved so I was interested to read on and find out what this was all about.

Upon closer reading it seems that what they are talking about is what is usually called an "amicable separation" which many thousands of couples before them have achieved successfully and without media attention.  They have sensibly sorted out the arrangements for their children to spend time with both of them and clearly resolved their financial separation without litigation and court involvement.  How much lawyers were involved we will never find out.

However, I would point out to you that if you are thinking of separating that you seriously take a lesson from Gwynth and Chris's book and sort matters out without sepending thousands of pounds of your hard earned money on solicitors fees.  

There are alternatives out there one of which is our how2divorce seminars which get you to think clearly about what your problems are and how you are going to resolve them with the least amount of pain and suffering to all members of the family.




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