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Going to Court - Top tips

Author : Debra-Stevens

You may not know this but not only did the law change on 22nd April but you now have to take an extra step before the court will accept your application for children and financial applications.  It is now compulsory that you attend a mediation assessment meeting to discuss whether this may be a better option for you rather than going to court.  Although the mediation assessment meeting is compulsory attendance at mediation is not - mediation has always been voluntary so it is up to you.

If, after dicussing your case with a mediator either you or the mediator decide that mediation is not going to assist you then the mediator will sign your application form to state this.

If you decide that you want to go to court you must:

1.  Attend a meeting with a mediator for a mediation assessment meeting or (MIAM)

2.  Don't forget to print your form off the  website (search for Court forms and then Choose the category you want ie. children, finances)  and fill it in and take it with you to the mediation assessment meeting for the mediator to sign.

3.  You will have to pay the mediator for the assessment meeting.  

  If you wish to apply for legal aid check with the mediation service whether or not they provide legal aid funding for mediation and they will tell you what documents you need to take with you to the meeting to be assessed.  You may not qualify for legal aid as the test has now changed and unless you are on benefits or a low income you  may not qualify so will have to pay. so take the mediators fee with you otherwise you may have wasted your time.

4.  The court will not accept your Court application unless it is signed by a mediator.

5.  If you attend a How2divorce seminar you automatically become a How2divorce member and  qualify  for a 50% reduction in the cost of the mediation assessment meeting which will be  £50 plus vat.





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