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Child Support Agency is to charge a fee for their services

Author : Debra-Stevens

I was listening to Radio 2 this morning and suddendly stopped what I was doing when it was announced that the CSA are going to chage a 20% fee for their services in future.  I find it incredible that a government service imposed upon people is to charge a fee.  What this means to  divorcing and separting couples who can't sort out the amount of child maintenance is that the little money they do have will be stretched even further in order to pay this fee.

When I started in practice as a solicitor 20 years ago child maintenance was always dealt with by solicitors as part of the financial settlement along with the rest of the financial arrangements within the divorce proceedings.  The government then introduced the CSA and firmly announced that lawyers and the courts were no longer allowed to deal with Child maintenance.  This often makes it difficult to for people going through a divorce as along with the stress and upheaval they are having to deal with the CSA and solicitors at the same time.  In recent years the CSA have relaxed their stronghold and child maintenance can now be agreed.

The fact is that the CSA have not been as effective as the government had hoped when it was set up years ago and they are now attempting to recover some of the lost revenue they have wasted hounding couples who are already in a difficult financial position.

So, here's to the future of the CSA - my advice would be to agree child maintenance between you or use the services of a mediator if you need some assistance as it will be a lot cheaper and less stressful.

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