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Cheap Divorce - £79.20

Author : Debra-Stevens

I have been receiving a large number of emails from people asking the question

" how cheap can I get  a divorce" .

 Firstly, you have to realise that the divorce itself consists of completing the divorce petition, sending this to the court and after your ex has returned the forms to the court applying for a decree absolute. Solicitors firms will do this work for you for somewhere between £250 - £500 plus VAT with online services providing you with a set of forms from £37.00 to assisting you for £97.00 and checking the forms for you for £167.00.

If you are wanting  childrens arrangements and finances sorting out as well then these are dealt with by solicitors separately and if you ask them they will give you a cost estimate for this work separately from the divorce.  The usual cost for this work is significantly higher, usually between £2,500 - £15,000 depending upon how complicated matters are and how co-operative your ex is as it involves writing to your ex's soilicitors and negotiating a financial settlement for you and sorting out the children's arrangements.

At the how2divorce bootcamp  seminars I answer any questions you have that have resulted from the breakdown of your marriage whether it is to do with divorce, finances or children.  My team and I then assist you in completing the divorce forms and check them to make sure that they are filled in properly.  For £79.20 this is a bargain.  

The cheapest "assisted divorce" - by  an online company  I can find advertised which consists of them checking the divorce forms for you is £97.00.  You will not get any advice about finances or children's matters or ever meet a legal professional let alone a solicitor.

So is How2divorce bootcamp seminars the cheapest divorce service on the market?

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